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We know that your house is many things to you. A house, a home, a dry place in the winder, a refuge from the heat in the summer, walls that hear all your plans, a ceiling that doesn’t limit your dreams, and so much more. All of which is important. Protecting your home starts with a solid roof.


One of our trained roof inspectors will come evaluate your roof and provide you with a written report.

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Free Bids on construction projects. Whole house remodels, kitchen, bathroom, living room, or outdoor living space. We do it all. Need build-ins? Custom bunk beds or other customer work. Give us a call.

What We Do

Specializing in roofing repair and replacement as well as construction services to include remodels, additions, and repairs.  Experienced with the insurance claims, permit process, and ensuring work is done to a standard that will exceed all inspection standards.  Our Services

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